Equip Course

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What is Equip?

Equip courses are part of St Andrew’s adult education to equip our members to know God more deeply and to live out our faith more truly.

When is Equip?

Most Courses are held on either Sunday mornings or Sunday afternoons.

Where will the courses be held?

In various locations at St Andrew’s Church.

What courses are available?

We will conduct various courses including some from Moore Theological College’s excellent Preliminary Theological Certificate programme (PTC)

The six subjects for the PTC Award are:

  1. Introduction to the Bible (a bible overview)
  2. Old Testament 1 (the Torah/Pentateuch or first 5 books of the Bible)
  3. New Testament 1 (the Gospel of Mark)
  4. Ephesians
  5. Promise to Fulfillment (biblical theology)
  6. Doctrine 1

We will teach the PTC courses in the above order.
We will also occasionally offer other short courses on topics such as evangelism, apologetics and various aspects of Christian living.

Who will teach these courses?

Staff and qualified members of St Andrew’s will teach a range of courses.

What does an ‘Equip’ course cost?

Enrollment for the PTC courses is at HK$480 per course ($300 without hard-copy textbook).

The non-PTC courses will be offered at a minimal cost, simply to cover the costs of the course materials.

What commitment is required?

  • Pre-registration is essential for all the courses.
  • For many of the courses, including the PTC Award courses, weekly preparation is required. This usually entails pre-reading from set texts. Diligent preparation enables participants to benefit more from the courses.
  • Each PTC course usually takes 7-10 weeks with an online examination for those who wish to receive the PTC award. Examination is only compulsory for those who wish to obtain the award.
  • There are no examinations for non-PTC courses. Duration and preparation requirements will vary for these courses.

Church attendance

We hope and pray that you will benefit from ‘Equip’. Please understand ‘Equip’ is not to replace your participation at our Sunday services or Growth Groups. When you attend an ‘Equip’ course, please make sure you go to one of our other Sunday morning services as well.

Please contact Carrie ( carrie@standrews.org.hk).

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Next Course:

Moore College PTC

Sundays: 9 September – 11 November
Time: 9:30 – 11:00am
Details & Registration