Services resumption

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Resumption of Sunday services & church activities

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All our church services have resumed from 7 June at their regular times. In addition, we are also excited to let you know that the Anglican Province has given permission to resume group activities. The following group activities will be resumed:

Kidzone (Year 2009 to 2013) — from 5 July

Youth — from 5 July

Silverzone — from 28 June

Growth Groups can meet on church grounds as well. Please check with your Growth Group leaders for more information.

Programs for Creche and Kidzone Year 2014 or below are still suspended until further instruction from the Province.

Precautionary measures are in place at our Sunday services and all other activities. Please wear a mask, sanitize your hands and have your temperature taken upon arrival. We ask that you refrain from attending any church activities if you feel unwell, have travelled in the past 14 days or are required to be quarantined, have a household member who suffers from fever or other respiratory symptoms and co-live with anyone who is required to be quarantined at home.

For our Sunday services:

  • Enter the Auditorium through the south (lift) lobby and exit through the north (coffee shop) lobby.

For Sunday Kidzone (Year 2009 to 2013):

  • Enter the Auditorium through the south (lift) lobby.
  • After the service, proceed to the south (lift lobby) to access the lower floor Amphitheatre to pick up your child and exit through the north (coffee shop) lobby.
  • For compliance reasons, Kidzone will be running at a limited capacity, first-come-first serve. If your child’s class is full, he/she will be joining you in the Auditorium during the services.

For Sunday Youth & Silverzone:

  • Enter the Auditorium through the south (lift) lobby, the Lychgate stairs or the Driveway Gate.

For activities during Monday to Saturday:

  • Enter the church grounds through the Driveway Gate only and have your temperature taken there.

Apart from our Sunday services, the church grounds remain closed to the public during the period when the Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation is in operation.

Until a full resumption of church activities, you can still view our live online service at 11.30am via our 
Youtube channel.

Please stay in touch with our communications as we keep you updated with community news.

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Employment opportunities

Getting here
Putonghua Church

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What’s on





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Get involved
Growth Groups
Elderly Ministry

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