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Ways to Give Regularly

Direct Debit
Auto-pay/ FPS
Monthly Envelopes

Planned Christian Giving

We encourage our regular members to plan their giving in a prayerful, intentional and consistent manner. This also enables the church to budget more accurately and responsibly. Our ‘Planned Christian Giving’ (PCG) scheme helps you to do this, either through regular monthly envelopes, Auto-pay/FPS or direct debit. When you join PCG, you will be assigned an appropriate donor ID number. Tax receipts with a summary of your giving will be issued to you at the end of the taxation year.

When you sign up for PCG, you will need to select a payment method, select direct debit if you would like us to debit the instructed amount automatically. Otherwise, giving by monthly envelopes or Auto-pay/FPS requires you to set up a regular payment.

To sign up to PCG, please download and complete the form below. We will require a signed paper copy for bank authorisation if you have selected direct debit as your payment method. You can return it to our staff on Sunday or drop it into one of the Donation Boxes. Alternatively, you can mail the completed form to 138 Nathan Road, Kowloon for the attention of Kit Li.

Get in touch via email for further enquiries and questions.

Please sign up to our Planned Christian Giving (PCG) scheme to give regularly.