Lessons I learned from my mother

Reflecting on Mother’s Day, my mom is not the perfect mom, but the things that matter she gets right. Her faith in everyday life matters; so does her love, trust and obedience to Jesus! Her actions also speak louder than words, pointing to Jesus.  

My mom loved me through my terrific tantrums as a two-year-old, my passive-aggressive teenage years, and also when I disappointed her, embarrassed her, hurt her or didn’t live up to her expectations. She strived to love me unconditionally because she experienced God’s unconditional love towards her. Her love has given me the strength and courage to face life’s challenges and also love my own daughter unconditionally, most of the time.

We thank God for showing us more of his character through the love of mothers.

Despite not experiencing unconditional love from her own family, she chose to live in a wonderfully different way; to forgive just like she is forgiven in Christ. When she is overlooked and hurt by her own family, she forgives and works at keeping good relationships with them. I thank God for her example to me.

My mom also trusts Jesus even when bad things happen to her. When I was a teenager, she badly broke her leg, which would go on to affect her for the rest of her life. What did she do? She prayed and gave thanks for all the good things God was bringing out of that trial. It deeply impacted me to also look for the good God brings out of difficulties and be thankful.

At St Andrew’s, I have also had the privilege of spiritual moms invest in my life. For various reasons, not all ladies are moms themselves, but all Christian women can be a ‘spiritual mom’ to others by sharing faith, demonstrating trust and obedience to Jesus and loving unconditionally. When you do this, you share God’s nurturing heart, which gives comfort and strength.

Lastly, we take this opportunity to honour all mothers, as we are all here because of them! We remember those who have already passed away and we give thanks to those who have stepped into various mothering roles.

Ultimately, we thank God for showing us more of his character through the love of mothers. May we too be emboldened to grow in our love of others and to point them to Jesus.

Children’s Ministry Director

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