What your Growth Group Leader wish you knew…

Growth Group Leaders are ordinary believers with the same family, work and life pressures as everyone else. We are fallible, we get tired and we are susceptible to complacencies and distractions. We do not know everything about Scripture and do not always have the answers. We spend time asking God to grant us wisdom with the right words or actions when we need to be the vessel of encouragement or speak a word of truth.

We realise the responsibility of setting the direction and focus of the group in studying God’s Word and building a community where we demonstrate Christ to each other and those around us.

The gospel of salvation motivates us to:

1. Wrestle with Scripture – we take the Bible seriously, which often means asking difficult and challenging questions to investigate not only what the Bible is saying, but how to prioritise God’s agenda in our everyday situations.

2. Commit regular time, prayer and energy – we hold fast in prayerful determination to meet regularly under God’s word whether we feel like it or not. The process of commitment builds a Christlike character which reflects His commitment to us as His people, and we are assured that He blesses those who continue to meet with a greater sense of His presence and awe.

3. Grow together – God has designed us to live in Christian community and to do life together (even those whom we may not naturally click with), so the spiritual growth of our members has a big impact on us. We need our members as much as they need us to speak the truth in love, celebrate the joys and endure the sorrows of the seasons of life together.

The process of commitment builds a Christlike character

Growth Group is not just a time for Bible study where we explore the Scriptures. It involves much more of ourselves in building a community of believers. We cannot be growing Christians alone – God has given us to be Christ to each other and to intentionally live to honour him.

Growth Groups are a real privilege to be part of and involved in. We both grow in spiritual maturity and are used by God to help others grow at the same time. If you are not currently part of a Growth Group, we certainly encourage you to reach out and find out more by joining the next Partnership course where you can find out more.

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